Yellow Transparent Apple Tree

Malus 'Yellow Transparent'
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Cold-Hardy, Early Apples

Yellow Transparent Apple Tree is a deciduous, fruit-producing tree that was imported from Russia in 1870 and is widely grown in the northern states. Plant one in your backyard where it will be visible from a patio or window so you can enjoy watching your harvest grow.

Your Yellow Transparent Apple Tree is a delight, with yellow-hued bark, and pink or white flowers appearing in early spring. It's not long before the apples follow, their skin a clear yellow-green to yellow-white amid the lush, green foliage.

The flesh of the Yellow Transparent Apple is tender white, with a juicy and mildly-acidic flavor that makes it a favorite for homemade applesauce and other culinary delights.

Yellow Transparent will provide you with an early harvest, the apples ripening in early July, so it's a great choice to plant amid other, late-maturity varieties. You can harvest the apples at their peek or pick some before maturity for better storage life.

Yellow Transparent Apple Tree is a very upright, precocious and productive tree. Therefore, it's also a heavy producer. It's scab resistant as well, and considered relatively disease resistant. One of the Yellow Transparent's prized features is that it's very cold hardy (thus a favorite in northern climates).

You can't go wrong with a Yellow Transparent Apple Tree in your yard, especially if you live in a northern locale. It's a lovely tree that will provide you with delicious fruit early in the season...and for years to come.

  • Excellent fruit
  • Spring display
  • Early ripening harvest
  • Cold hardy
More Information
Botanical Name Malus 'Yellow Transparent'
Mature Height Semi-Dwarf: 15 - 20 feet
Soil Type Widely adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fruiting Time 3 - 5 years
Pollinator Required Yes
Growing Zone Range 2-7
Yellow Transparent Apple Tree Is Suited to Grow in Zones 2-7
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